Wall Hanging | Raffia and Macrame - Jordi

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Introducing the Jordi Wall Hanging: a captivating masterpiece that effortlessly commands attention with its exquisite neutral tones and intricate craftsmanship. Handcrafted amidst the lush landscapes of Bali by skilled local artisans, this remarkable piece is a testament to the island's rich artisanal heritage.

The Jordi Wall Hanging is a stunning fusion of natural elements, meticulously crafted from raffia and expertly woven macramé. Its design, inspired by the mesmerizing Aztec patterns, captures the essence of ancient artistry, seamlessly marrying tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

As you gaze upon this magnificent creation, you'll be transported to distant lands, where time-honoured techniques and a deep appreciation for the earth's resources converge. The neutral colour palette exudes an air of serenity and elegance, making it the perfect addition to any space, whether it be a bohemian-inspired living room, a tranquil bedroom retreat, or a cosy nook in your home.

The Jordi Wall Hanging isn't just a piece of décor; it's a conversation starter, a symbol of cultural fusion, and a testament to the beauty of handmade craftsmanship. Each knot and detail tells a story of dedication and passion, making this wall hanging a true work of art that will breathe life and character into your surroundings.

Elevate your living space with the Jordi Wall Hanging, and let it transform your home into a haven of beauty and inspiration. Embrace the spirit of Bali and the timeless allure of Aztec artistry with this captivating piece, and prepare to leave a lasting impression on all who enter your space.

The Jordi is available in three generous sizes:

Small:         40cm (L) x 40cm (H)

Medium:    50cm (L) x 50cm (H)

Large:         60cm (L) x 60cm (H)

Please note that when you purchase one of these handcrafted products, no two items will be exactly the same as there will be slight variations between each product and the product image on the screen.  We consider this to be a unique advantage as your bespoke piece is truly one of a kind.