Why Coco Dune?


When Coco Dune opened its doors, it was important to the owners that the company did not only source goods from within Australia, but also from the age-old crafts of the international artisans.

Coco Dune’s rattan products are produced in Indonesia and the textile products in India, where the artisans are experts in their fields. These skilled men and women work really hard to create all their products using natural materials, such as cotton, silk, seagrass, rattan and wood. Materials that are all easily manipulated by hand and, therefore, mass machinery is not used in the production process. This results in “one-of-a-kind” products being produced, which are unique and memorable.  

Coco Dune is committed to ethically sourcing its products, therefore, when you purchase from its range, you can be assured that you are supporting all of these men, women and their communities with good working conditions and a decent liveable wage.